Get answers to the most common questions asked about our domestic cleaning services. If we do not answer your question here, feel free to contact us and ask your question.

Could I also have a monthly clean?

This is certainly an option as a one-off service. However, we know from experience that monthly cleans do not yield the result that our clients want. We, therefore, offer the fortnightly or weekly option to keep the cleaning side of households in check.

Who provides the cleaning materials/products?

Clients do. As a great number of people suffer from allergies they do not want us to bring any products into the household that might cause a reaction. We, therefore, provide a list of recommended products, wherever possible with environmentally friendly ingredients.

What notice do I have to give if I want to terminate a cleaning service?
We only require one month notice.

What happens when the cleaner goes on holiday or is sick?

Swissmaid will be given the dates of the cleaner’s holiday. The Cleaner will also let the Client know in good time so that you can decide whether you want a replacement during that time, which Swissmaid is happy to supply. In the case of sickness, the Cleaner will let Swissmaid and Client know and Swissmaid will contact the Client and sort out a replacement cleaner if required.

What happens when I go on holiday?

You have two options, either:

  1. Have the Cleaner come while you are away – to perform duties which cannot be fitted in normally (such as cleaning out kitchen cupboards, washing down paintwork, descaling bathrooms (tiles and fittings) clean all inside windows etc.)
  2. Tell the cleaner that you do not require their service while you are on holiday, and ask them to come again regularly when you are back