We have been helping clients clean their carpets with our carpet cleaning Newbury, & Winchester service for several years. Our carpet cleaning service uses an environmentally friendly cleaning process, alongside our experienced carpet technicians to transform your carpet. Our domestic cleaning service is available in Andover, Winchester and Newbury.

Save Enough Of Your Time By Hiring Our Services For carpet Cleaning in Newbury & Winchester

Swissmaid can cater to any job, regardless of the scale of anything from a small property to an office can benefit from this service. Carpets are often overlooked during the wider cleaning process, yet they are subjected to regular and often damaging use.

Carpet Cleaning Services - Swissmaid UK LtdCarpet Cleaning Services - Swissmaid UK Ltd

Our Carpet Cleaning Andover, Newbury, Winchester Services Use:

  • Trained Carpet Technicians – All our carpet cleaning Newbury, Winchester and Andover technicians have undergone a rigorous training process prior to going into practice, this ensures that we are able to deliver a consistent level of quality with each and every job that we undertake.
  • Safe Environmentally Friendly Process – We have used the latest advances in cleaning technology to create a safe environmentally friendly process. This allows us to state with confidence that it is completely safe for both children and pets, with this safety assurance there is now no excuse not to indulge in our complete carpet service.
  • Deep Cleaning Service – You never know what may be lurking deep within those carpet fibres. We can provide a deep carpet cleaning in Newbury, Winchester and Andover leaving no fibre untouched, allowing you to rest assured that great cleaning extends to the floor beneath you.

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